Our Mission

“The mission of McLaren Business Solutions is to provide high-performance affordable coaching and mentoring programmes which enable the owners and leaders of small and medium-sized businesses to achieve accelerated business growth.

Our proven business growth coaching and leadership mentoring programmes deliver fast and effective results. Which means you will enjoy the benefits of reinvigorated momentum towards your key business goals and objectives”.


Business Growth Mentoring

In order to grow and maintain a winning business, the owner or leader(s) need to perform a list of key functions very well. A typical obstacle for most businesses in their growth journey is a lack of knowledge or experience in some of these key functions. I provide business growth mentoring support for business owners and

leaders who wish to quickly accelerate beyond these common obstacles. I provide solutions tailored to the specific growth objectives and current capabilities of the business, which means the business can achieve accelerated momentum towards the targeted growth objectives.



Executive Coaching

There are a number of reasons to engage an executive coach. The role of the leader can be a lonely one. Some business owners or leaders require an experienced executive coach as a confidential sounding board to discuss their business improvement initiatives. Other business owners and leaders use executive coaching for accountability partnering, which provides the benefit of increased action follow-through, meaning increased performance and accelerated progress.

A combination of business challenges can sometimes result in a perceived dip in the leader’s performance in their own role. In these instances, some leaders find themselves in a sustained performance dip, which, if unresolved, can negatively impact their motivation and confidence. Executive coaching programmes are an extremely effective method of reinvigorating performance and creating exciting new momentum.

Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

Leadership talent is a scarce resource in many organisations. This is particularly challenging for ambitious small and medium-sized businesses. Often high performing team members are promoted to leadership positions due to impressive performance in their previous role. Alternatively, leadership talent is recruited


externally, with the hope the external hire is a good fit for the organisation’s culture and values. My leadership coaching and mentoring programmes are designed to develop both new and existing leadership talent and create sustained improved performance throughout the organisation.